The Big Ten Is The Dominant Conference When It Comes To Hacked Ashley Madison Profiles

ashley madison hack profiles by college

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We’ve already seen some great stuff from the Ashley Madison hack like the states with the most profiles as well as the cities with the most unfaithful people.

But what about something even more fun?

Which universities in this great nation of ours utilized Ashley Madison’s “services” the most?

According to Inside Higher Ed, who checked for accounts with .edu e-mail addresses, its the Big Ten schools that are all over balling it up the most.

That’s right. FIVE Big Ten schools in the top ten. The last time that happened in a list of college rankings was, well, probably never. Good job, B1G! And a special shout-out to our Sparty friends who once again come away with a #1 ranking.

H/T The Big Lead

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