Billionaire Bro Who Thought His Smoking Hot Wife Got Kidnapped Finds Out On Instagram That She’s Just Boning Other Dudes

Gianluca Cervara is a billionaire businessman based in Milan, Italy. By nearly all standards, his life is, and forever will be, better than mine. Except one. I (probably) will not get railroaded by my newlywed wife just months after marrying her and have it be posted all over the internet.

Cervara married Anna Zaiachkivska, the 24-year-old winner of the 2013 Miss Ukraine beauty contest, in a registry in December and planned an official wedding ceremony this month.

Character flaws aside, she is a 10/10.

This is a picture Cervara posted to his Instagram account last year, in simpler times.

But just a short time after they legally married, Anna vanished. She reportedly told her hubby that she was going to step outside their Milan home to catch some fresh air.

Cervara contacted police, fearing she had been kidnapped. He didn’t even consider she’d walk out on him considering they hadn’t had any relationship issues, evident in the social media message she posted just days before she disappeared:

‘My amazing Gianluca Cervara, thank you that I can be your flower and part of the family.’

The police search for Anna quickly came to a halt after pictures arose on Instagram of her canoodling with another man in a five-star hotel in America, accompanied with the caption ‘freedom.’

She also wrote:

Wooooow Married escape without Tell And with fake address in NewYork!!

Anna told the Ukrainian website that she bailed due to domestic violence incidents.

‘He raised his hands against me.

The first time when he did it I ran away to my parents’ house in the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

I did not tell them what the matter was. He came to get me, and I gave him a second chance, but during an argument he spat in my face, and I simply could not take it.

I said I am going to leave him, but I changed my mind again.

I had headaches for a week but Gianluca did not care about it. Finally I decided I needed to make changes as I was fed up of living in a golden cage and I ran away.’

Cervara told the same website that her claims are absolutely false, and is now threatening to sue for non-compliance of their marriage agreement, claiming she had violated the prenuptial agreement . He also claims that she took thousands of dollars out of his safe before bailing for America.

‘Judging by her photos she is in New York and is working as a model there.

‘She has lots of pretty photos taken in five-star hotels, she is posing with other men. She does not look unhappy at all.

‘All I can say is she is not the person she is pretending to be.’

Classic case of he said, she said. If this dude laid a finger on her, I would have encouraged her to burn his mega-mansion down before boning dudes in America. If she was just leveraging his wealth for her own personal gain, then throw her in a cage. A golden cage of course.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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