Massive Brawl Erupts On Cruise Ship When Hungry Passengers Fight While In Line At Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint

I love myself some cruises. Relaxation, a new destination nearly every day and food, tons and literal tons of food. There’s soooooo much food on a cruise it’s a difficult proposition to last a week on a cruise and not gain 10-pounds. That’s why a fight in line for food on a cruise ship seems absolutely preposterous.

Passengers aboard the Carnival Cruise Breeze were waiting in line at Guy’s Burger Joint, a restaurant by celebrity chef Guy Fieri that offers signature hamburgers that are slathered in donkey sauce, bleached goatee hairs and Axe body spray. So it’s no wonder that these ladies had their feathers ruffled when they had to wait all those tens of seconds to indulge in a hamburger sprinkled with the ashes of Ed Hardy even though these women just ate 11 minutes ago at the all-you-can-eat buffet next to the burger station on a ship that has over 20 dining locations AND room service. You can’t blame them really, these outrageous conditions are probably worse than what Syrian refugees have.

We’re riding the bus to fat people fighting over food town! Unfortunately they weren’t that obese. The fight would have lasted three seconds if they were “two punches and fall down on the floor from exhaustion fat.” This melee went on for a bit until the husbands or boyfriends of the warring women overheard the commotion and ran over. The one significant other seems like this is old hat to him and he has done this on several occasions because he instinctively and immediately grabbed his bae and threw her over his shoulder and hauled her away from the fracas.

“The incident happened in front of Carnival’s Guy’s Burger Joint when three female passengers confronted another female passenger and started kicking her,” the Crew Center website claimed.

Looks like a few more people should have taken the same sentiment of this woman’s t-shirt.