Bro Pranks His Girlfriend By Asking Her If She’s Cheating With A Ginger

by 4 years ago


Man… We’ve posted so many ridiculous stories about cheaters lately that I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. I personally think about 95% of them are made up, but whatever. That’s the beauty of the Internet — it doesn’t matter what’s real as long as you’re entertained!

This, however, is legit. Ellie Ward‘s evil, evil boyfriend pranked the shit out her over text by accusing her of cheating with a “ginger.” But in order to get the joke, you have to know what a “Scotch Egg” a.k.a. “Scott Chegg” is, which isn’t exactly served with a hashbrown for breakfast at McDonalds here in ‘MURICA.

Well done, Bro. You get all of the high fives this evening.






Mmm… Scotch eggs.

[H/T: Ladbible]

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