Some Bro Created Beer For Dogs So Crack Open A Few Because You’re Never Drinking Alone Again

One of the worst things about having a dog is without a doubt not being able to give it some of the things it wants because it’s “not healthy”. Like chocolate. Depriving anyone of chocolate should be a crime, especially man’s best friend. You ever come home at 4 AM from the bar and proceed to consume the stash of Hershey bars in your fridge by the fistful while your dog looks on with pleading eyes to not be left out. “Sorry pal, the vet said no” you say through mouthfuls of chocolate while licking it off your lips. Then you have to make a decision: Do you want to be your dog’s owner, or their friend?

Well, now you don’t have to, nor do you ever have to drink alone again. Why? Dog beers, bros. Which we’ve covered before, but now we have a little variety. Humans don’t like being limited to only kind of beer, so why should dogs?

Via the Atlantic:

“…although politically correct “veterinarians” will tell you that dogs should never be given beer, because their livers don’t metabolize alcohol in the same way humans’ do. Other ingredients like hops, too, can reportedly “cause violent reactions in many canines.” It’s clear from information at that “no matter how much they beg, alcoholic beverages should be off limits to pets.”

So it’s none too soon that this month a company called Woof and Brew released a beer specifically for dogs.

It has no alcohol, or hops, or carbonation, but it’s otherwise meant to recreate the beer experience as closely as possible in a way that’s safe for the digestive tracts of dogs. The formula contains barley malt, dandelion, flax, and “chicken flavoring”—like so many good beers.

The point is not to mimic the flavor, though, but to foster social bonding and ritual, explains Steve Bennett, managing director of the U.K.-based Woof and Brew, “so that human can share a beer of their own and a beer for their dog as well.” This is Bennett’s first attempt at dog beer, though the company has been making herbal teas and tonics for dogs since 2013.”

Male bonding is one of the most important things for men to experience in their lives so they turn out like weirdos. Do I think Norman Bates or Anthony Baekeland just hung out with their bros and had a few cold ones? No. Instead, they were out banging their moms aka the opposite of male bonding. Owner-dog bonding is just as important. And there’s no better way to bond than over a few cold ones after a long walk through the park. Maybe play a little fetch or let your dog kiss you on the mouth. For so long, dogs weren’t able to join their owners in throwing a few back. It would just be the owner sitting there while the dog sat and watched with a mixture of feeling left out and pity. Don’t let your dogs feel left out. Drink with your dog. Bond. Talk about your day. Your dog is totally listening. It cares about your thoughts on why your ex-girlfriend posted that picture. Talk about it. Have another beer. Give your dog another beer. Repeat as necessary. Die together.