BroBible Comments Of the Week: MONSTER TROUT Are Making Readers Lust For A Fishing Trip

Readers! Welcome. It’s Friday. Time to kick back with that cold beer and enjoy the weekend. Last Friday we started a new, Friday evening round-up of our favorite comments of the week. Yes, we read the comment section. Yes, we usually write back.

This week in the comments section everyone wanted to go on a fishing trip. Also: An airline pilot weighed in on jetstreams!  And we found out that Duff Man has quite the thirsty.

Oh yeah! 

Drunk Ohio State Fan Makes Fool Of Himself At Buffalo Wild Wings, Pisses Off Girlfriend by Snap N. McGarrett

Dude, so you wear a team jersey with your favorite player’s number on it? Yeah…My girlfriend wore my high school football jersey to school. I thought that was cute, too.

This Junior Hockey Goal Is Absolutely FILTHY by abuckingham

Brandon, did you mean to say that the “assist” was absolutely filthy?

Maroon 5 Crashed A Bunch Of Weddings For A New Video And We Have To Ask, Did Adam Levine Bone All The Brides? by vctheking21

1) The first guy definitely had the “oh fuck you dude for doing this, my wife is going to leave me” look on his face when Adam Levine came out

(2) But, overall, this is pretty awesome. Even that first guy loosened up and everyone loved it. Absolute bro move, and if he were to pull this stunt off at my brother’s wedding I’d be a die hard fan for life. It’s their special day, he just sent them all over the moon. Good for him.

Dammit, Bros: We Missed Our Chance To See Gwyneth Paltrow Give A BJ While Naked In A Movie by Duff Man

Heather Graham was a way better choice, no comparison

Someone’s Pouring Steroids In Idaho Rivers Because This Record Trout Is A Complete Fucking Monster by DemotivatedDick

I will be getting out of the Marine Corps this summer and I would love nothing more than my first taste of freedom to enjoy America’s true past time (getting drunk while fishing) in the great American wilderness

Someone’s Pouring Steroids In Idaho Rivers Because This Record Trout Is A Complete Fucking Monster by themanwiththeplan

That trout is what’s known as a “triploid.” It’s a genetically modified fish in which the gene for reproduction has been removed and all of the fish’s strength and energy go into growth. This allows the fish to grow almost indefinitely and get to such a huge size.

Bros In The Know: Mitt Romney’s 2016 Presidential Prospects by Hairpiece

I see his son Josh at the gym every morning.  Said the plan is to one day run for Presidency himself… I’m curious to know how much of that “plan” is contingent on his Fathers race/outcome. 

Here’s Why Tipping Is Bullshit And Why The Custom Should Be Changed Immediately by Kovak007

Hate to say this, but I work in a restaurant. And for the record, tips are what we live on. Some people don’t care about giving good service, but those people don’t belong in customer service. Most of the people who give good service actually care. Heck, I know I do, in fact, it’s my belief that as soon as you all (guests), walk through the door, you all are family, and I make it of the utmost importance to make sure you all feel at home, while away from home.

Elephant Tries To Have Sex With A Car Which Doesn’t Work Very Well Because It Is A Car And Not Another Elephant by HeyItsHank!

I wonder if insurance covers this, or it falls under the whole “act of god” provision.

WHOA: Marvel Just Released AN INCREDIBLE New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer by Charlie Streator

Not as incredible as the Oregan ball boy’s high top fade

Here’s The New Zac Brown Band Song You’ll Probably Get Drunk To Sometime In The Near Future by Snap N. McGarrett

I’ve seen ZBB a couple times and when they come on, they kick the door in and wreck the place with their awesomeness and depth of musical talent.  Nashville could never deny that this jam band from Atlanta has country chops.

Yes, The Free Chipotle Burrito On January 26 Is Legit, But There’s A Catch by Marco Cerino 

Simple solution: donate the veggie burritos to soup kitchens or just give them to beggars. Come back Tues/Wed and enjoy the free meat. Feel good about yourself and then bathe in the epicness of the meat cuz that is some goooooood vittles.

Boeing 777 Catches Insane Jet Stream, Travels From London To New York IN FIVE HOURS?!? by twerkosaurus rex

I really hate to be that dbag trying to make a correction on an article, but the article regarding the BA 777 catching the jetstream and nearly breaking the speed of sound is pretty misguided. Here’s why. Sound is just like any other object of matter, meaning in this scenario, it travels at a speed relative to the wind as well. That means that the stated speed of sound 761mph, which actually varies greatly on altitude and temperature, is also benefitting for the jet stream. The speed of sound on that day was probably closer to 950mph. Above 28,000ft, airliners fly relative to the speed of sound. By this, I mean the crews decide how fast they go based on their mach number. A typical mach for a 777 would be .77-.83, meaning 77%-83% of the speed of sound. There is no scenario (within the limitations of the aircraft) that a 777 could ever reach the speed of sound. Sorry. I’ve seen this story floating around on a bunch of websites the passed few days and its kinda bugged me. I’m a 23 year old airline pilot and we get enough free time to write emails like this. Such a solid gig.

Charlotte McKinney Is Now Officially A Supermodel, Instagrams First Pics Of Guess Lingerie Pics by Duff Man

I love her.

Bros: We Have Found The Hot Girl From The Doritos Commercial by Duff Man

I love her. 

Playboy Cybergirl Stefanie Knight Is Definitely A Woman You Need To Know by Duff Man

I love her.

14 Sexy Pics Of Cintia Dicker In Bikinis Because She’s The Epitome Of Ginger Hotness by Duff Man

I love her.

Kate Upton’s Boobs Made An Insane Amount Of Money For ‘Game Of War: Fire Age’ And They Were Probably Worth Every Penny by Duff Man

I love her

Stay thirsty, Duff Man.