Real Life ‘The Hangover’? Four Bros Go Out Drinking, Then Wake Up In Spain The Next Morning

Photo Credit: Matt Weyman

I’m not a reckless drunk, just a sloppy one. No matter how many Natty Lites I pour down my throat I’m always coherent enough to be like “Wait, maybe swimming in the ocean while black-out drunk isn’t such a hot idea.” Granted, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried and lost 3+ pairs of sunglasses in the surf, but at least I knew well enough to get the fuck outta the water before I drowned. Not everyone has that voice in their head that says “Wait back da fuk up don’t do dat shit” though, which would explain why Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough and Dan Griffiths all woke up in Spain the morning after they’d decided to grab a few drinks together.

Of course, their situation didn’t involve possible death, which makes it badass rather than stupid like the shit I pull. According to Daily Mail,

Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough and Dan Griffiths headed out for a few beers in Stourbridge on Saturday night before hatching a mad plan to fly to Marbella.

Sorry Daily Mail, but I live on the other side of the pond which means I don’t know where the fuck any of these places are. Let’s take a quick break and consult a map:


Hmm…looks like walking would take approximately 411 hours, so it’s a good thing they decided to fly instead.

The four, all aged 23, caught a taxi to Birmingham Airport with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and an iPhone charger between them.

Two of the group are still out in Spain following the stunt, which friends have compared to the film The Hangover.

Mr Weyman, of Kingwinsford, said: ‘We only did it because one of our mates turned up with his passport for ID to get into the bar in Stourbridge.

‘It seemed like a good idea at the time. It started out as a bit of a joke and then it sort of escalated.

‘Before we knew it we had paid £60 on a taxi and were queuing up to catch a flight to Spain – wearing jumpers.

‘I was in charge of booking the tickets, but I was doing it on my phone and I messed it up.

‘I paid for two lots of one-way tickets for both Saturday and Sunday morning. We caught a taxi to each of our houses and grabbed our own passports, waking up our parents.

‘We have since called them to tell them where we are. Some have taken it better than others.’

I don’t know how it is in England, but here in the United States you’re expected to get the fuck outta your parents’ house the minute you graduate college. If I were 23, living at home and I randomly popped in at 3 in the morning to tell my dad I was flying off to Spain for shits and kicks, his reaction would be something along the lines of “Thank Christ, get your shit out of the basement and find a job while you’re there.”


Matt Weyman

But like I said…maybe it’s different in the UK.

As for how many drinks it took the group to decide that impulsively flying to Spain was a good idea:

Mr Holloway, who returned home today, added: ‘We had probably had about seven pints and then some vodka shots once we were out.

‘I had been out with other mates, and then met up with them in town.

‘We went to get food together after the club and were joking about waking up in Spain, and then it just escalated from there.

‘The evening is a bit blurry to be honest, but then I woke up when we were on the plane and I was like ‘yeah, this actually just happened’.

‘I had to pinch myself, and then I had to sort out a flight back for Sunday evening because of work on Monday.’

Wait a second, no Mike Tyson? No tiger in the hotel room and no random baby popping out of nowhere? I call bullshit. This isn’t The Hangover unless Ken Jeong pops in outta nowhere.

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[H/T Daily Mail, images via Matt Weyman]

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