Bully Gets Face Beaten To A Bloody Pulp When He Messes With The Wrong Kid

I’m not sure if kids have forgotten the long, lost art of bullying or if wimpy kids who are getting picked on are getting stronger, smarter and bolder. Seems like I’m seeing a lot more videos of larger bullies getting their ass handed to them. I assume that the kids who are being picked on are watching some MMA videos on YouTube and learning lessons on self-defense. Whatever the reason, I am extremely happy to see bullies get their sorry asses handed to them.

We take you to Germany for this one-sided ass-whooping that didn’t turn out the way the bully draw it up in his rock head. The bully shoves the smaller kid and then the small guy unleashes a furious blitzkrieg of punches. In a matter of seconds, the bully gets his face bashed in and he is bleeding. He didn’t even have time to say, “Oww.”

Let’s investigate the fight statistics:

Little Guy:
Punches Thrown: 22
Punches Landed: 16

Punches Thrown: 0
Punches Landed: 0

This kid even sucks at bullying. What an asswipe.