Bus Station Blasts Most Annoying Musical Act Ever To Deter Homeless People But Here’s A Better Solution

You’re thinking it’s Nickelback. Nope. Worse.

A bus station in England has found an incredibly cruel way to deal with the issue of homeless people sleeping in their station overnight — blast Alvin and the Chipmunks until the vagrants eventually just leave.

This music choice is seen as an improvement, according to some, since the station originally blasted bag pipes through the building and in the outside waiting area in the wee small hours of the evening.

Bournemouth Borough Council said the music was part of a wider strategy to deter anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping, which could cause waiting passengers to feel intimidated.

But resident Aron Kennedy who recorded the music said: “The only way I can describe it is like how people are held at Guantanamo Bay.

“If they’re laying down in their sleeping bags and they’ve got this constant music going through their head, it’ll make them go insane.”

Residents called the scheme “cruel and unnecessary”.

Here’s a crazy idea, nuttier than Alvin and his bucktoothed brothers, and it’s HELP THESE PEOPLE!! Maybe alert the local homeless shelter or outreach group and they send a person to hang out from 10pm until the crack of dawn to connect with the homeless and go “hey, need a place? Go here.” Instead of fixing the issue just at the bus stop how about fixing the problem with homelessness.


[via BBC]

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