Out-Of-Cage Diver Encounters A 20-Foot Great White Shark And The Ocean Probably Got A Little More Human Urine

Reason #19,874 of why I do not like the ocean…

Per the YouTube video:

The images were taken by the shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla two years ago, but not released until this week

At that time, Deep Blue was heavily pregnant and swim near researchers in metal cages off the coast of the island of Guadeloupe in Mexico

Deep Blue is about 20 feet long and is believed to be the largest great white shark ever caught on camera

Anytime I see a shark this immense, I don’t think about Jaws or Sharknado. Oh no, I think of something far worse than either of those. I think about 1999’s Deep Blue Sea, a cinematic atrocity that is truly in a league of its own. More specifically, though, I think of the song/video below that features quite likely the worst chorus in the history of music…”Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark’s fin.”

Sixteen years later, it is still unclear what kind of brain injury LL Cool J was suffering from at the time that song was written. Or maybe what happened was he watched Deep Blue Sea to get inspiration before recording the song and thought, “I’m going to write the song this movie deserves.” And “Deepest Bluest” is what he managed to shit out.

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