Guys Are Using This Clever Calculator Trick To Get Girl’s Phone Numbers And You Can Too

calculator trick get girls phone number


Looking for a new way to get a girl’s phone number that is not creepy and will actually impress her? Then have we got just the trick for you.

Thanks to Elite Daily writer Greg Dybec’s friend, who is something of a pickup artist, there is way to do it just using the calculator function on any cell phone.

This is so good there was no way I could let it pass without sharing it with you bros.

Here’s how it’s done…

Step one: Find a girl who you’re interested in and tell her you can get her phone number from her by just using a calculator. If she doesn’t turn and walk away from you, move on to step two.

Step two: Have her open the calculator app on her cell phone.

Step three: Tell her the only number you need from her is her area code. Make a mental note of it or write it down so you don’t forget later.

Step four: Making sure that you can’t see her phone, ask her to type in the first three digits of her phone number (after the area code).

Step five: Tell her to multiply that number by 80.

Step six: Then have had add 1 to whatever number she came up with. (Note: you still can’t see her phone.)

Step seven: Now have her multiply that number by 250.

Step eight: Ask her to then add the last four digits of her phone number to that figure.

Step nine: Have her do it again, adding the last four digits of her phone number a second time.

Step ten: Now have her subtract 250 from that figure.

Step eleven: Have her divide that figure by 2. OR, for more fun, before doing that ask her for her phone so you can see the answer. When you and she see that it obviously is NOT her number and she thinks you’ve failed, divide the number by 2 yourself, magically making her phone number appear.

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s to hoping that she thinks it’s as cool as we do. My guess it that she will.

Here it is in video form for those that are more visual…

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Calculator image by Shutterstock