American Flags Should Be Flown At Half-Staff Today Because CANADA Just Beat Us To Inventing Weed-Infused Nutella

by 2 years ago

Canada just dropped the hammer. I’ve never felt less proud to be an American. My raging Patriot boner just softened faster than a Choco Taco in a heat wave. Sure, we landed on the moon, invented things like the internet, the Model T Ford, the cell phone, and Freedom (just to name a few), but how many of those things get you high while providing a creamy orgasm in your mouth? I count zero.

Canada just up and invented Chrontella–a buttery mix chocolate and hazelnut spread with 300mg of cannabis extract swirled throughout, according to Unilad. The $23 jar contains 300 milligrams of product, and it is reported that only 10 to 30 milligrams get you higher than Chris Christie’s blood pressure.

Sometimes, you just have to swallow your patriot pride and tip a cap to the competitor. Well done, Canada.

[h/t Unilad]

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