I Have Constructed The Perfect Fast Food Meal Using Every Major Chain And Only $6

At lunch this week, I managed to spend over $12 buying fast food just off the restaurant dollar menu. Everything looks so cheap but add a little of this, a little of that, and BAM! you’re spending way too much cash on fast food.

For the cheap side of the menu it all added up quickly.

This got me thinking — I do my best while shoveling fries into my mouth as fast as possible — that if I could construct my perfect fast food meal (a fantasy fast food meal for lack of a better term) which food would make my final roster? I said “screw it!” (but it sounded more like “shrowit” because my mouth was full) and thought I’d bring the idea to the masses.

Let’s all create our fantasy food feast team.

Here are the stipulations for the fantasy food team feast — the meal must consist of one entree, two side dishes, one drink and a dessert. No fast food chain can be represented twice. You can’t have two of the same types of food so no doubling up on starches in the side dishes and no chicken for an entree and chicken on the side. And you can’t go over $6. If you need to check pricing, this website is helpful.

And now (cue Y’all Ready For This)….my fantasy food feast team for 2014…..

Main Entree

Side Dishes




Your turn, bros. Name the meal and the prices in the comments. Try and beat $5.86.

You can’t. Don’t try.