Would You Cheat On This Model With Your Cellmate If You Were Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison? Because This Guy Did

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Although I’ve never been cheated on I can imagine that it sucks. The feeling that you’re not “good enough” for another person is one of the shittiest things in the world, and having that PLUS the heartbreak of knowing that your significant other is/was bangin’ it out with someone else just adds insults to injury.

So when Madalina Secuianu promised to stay faithful to her boyfriend Rustem Chirila after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, she meant it. I don’t know whether or not Madalina had ever been cheated on prior to dating Rustem, but I’m sure any human being with even half a heart can empathize how awful it feels to be cheated on.

…except for Rustem. Because after being in prison for two years, he cheated on Madalina.

With his cellmate. And yes, his cellmate is a dude.


Madalina Secuianu promised jailed crook Rustem Chirila that she would stay faithful while he was behind bars – and for two years she remained true to her word.

The 25-year-old beauty said: “I promised him I would go without sex all the time he was locked up, and I kept the promise for two years even when people were telling me I was stupid and everybody knew he had started a relationship with a male prisoner in the jail.”

Madalina says she knew Chirila, 36, wasn’t gay and ignored a string of rumours about his prison-based fling.

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Eventually Madalina got sick of hearing about how her boyfriend was cheating on her. People talking shit, combined with the fact that the two were becoming distance and having more and more frequent arguments led to her confronting him about his infidelity.

To her surprise, he admitted to bangin’ around with his cellmate.

“When I suddenly decided to ask if maybe he was seeing someone else, I was stunned when he admitted it. He told me ‘what do you expect me to do for the next three years?’.”

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Uh, I dunno, maybe NOT dick around with your cellmate and stay faithful to your girlfriend? If you’re going to cheat on her you might as well break up with her so she can at least enjoy herself out in the free world rather than pine away for you while your shit’s getting pushed in.

Lucky for Madalina though, she’s been able to move on and is now dating a 29-year-old beauty salon owner…so with any luck he won’t get arrested and start a prison affair behind her back either.

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