Cheating Husband Gets His Penis Bitten By Wife’s Friend, Then Immediately Gets Busted By Wife

Talk about your all time cheating miscues. A man named Florin Ionita, 53, was at a picnic with his wife and some friends when she left to take a few of them home in her car. Being the alleged philanderer that he is reported to be Ionita decided that while she was gone he’d try to get friendly with one of the other attendees there, a 24 year-old friend of his wife.

Much to his wife’s surprise, when she returned to the picnic she found Florin with his pants around his ankles, moaning in pain and shouting, “Call and ambulance, it’s going to fall off!” The “it” he was referring to was his penis.

That’s because apparently this 24 year-old lass wasn’t too keen when Florin allegedly whipped it out in front of her in a ham-handed attempt at getting a beej, so as a defense mechanism she just went ahead and chomped down on his dick.

Says the man’s wife, Maria, “I was at a picnic with my husband and some friends and I left to take some of them home in our car, leaving him behind with one friend. When I came back I saw him with his trousers around his ankles clutching his private parts and saying, ‘Call an ambulance, it is going to fall off.'”

Amazingly, Florin’s wife didn’t seem all that upset about this turn of events, even forgiving him, saying that he “was only trying to do what all men try to do, but when I called the ambulance I didn’t do it too fast, and I told them not to hurry.”

As for why he tried to get a little action on the side while his wife was away, Florin replied, “I just wanted to pass the time pleasantly.”

He now faces up to five years in the slammer if he’s is convicted of the alleged assault.

H/T Mirror; Bitten banana image by Shutterstock