CHICK FIGHT! Terrible Chick Attacks Mother Chick Holding A Baby And Then Chick Hits The Fan

UHHH. There’s a lot going on in this video that I don’t understand. I think I gotta lead with the antagonizing chick attacking the mother chick while she was holding her baby chick. I’m not very nuanced in the street fighting realm but I gotta believe that’s breaking some sort of unwritten rule of chick combat. Gotta chick the rule book on that one. Then how bout the friend chick who was with mother chick who got attacked by that mean chick I mentioned earlier just taking herself out of the picture entirely and totally chickening out. It’s like, “yo, chick, that mean chick is mopping the playground floor with your BFF. Your move.” And how bout that random dude at the end dancing like a fucking chicken?

Chicks, man. Chicks.