This Chick Went On Tinder In Iowa To Ask Dudes About Their Caucus And The Dudes Delivered

I don’t know what a caucus is. I refuse to learn because the reality will surely fall short of what I hope it may be. My kind of caucus is a slew of politicians hitting each other with rubber chickens until there is only one man or woman standing but I think they just get on stage and throw on a plastic smile and tell us all the things we want to hear and hope we buy it. Again, I don’t know. And I’m perfectly content with that.

Regardless, caucus is a funny work because it is one syllable away from cock, and cocks are fucking hilarious. And dudes are total suckers for dick jokes. This was the first joke I ever came up with. I believe I was 16.

Me: What’s below Orion’s Belt in the star constellations?
You: I don’t know, Matt, you’re awesome though.

*drops panties*

One writer over at Elite Daily realized that dudes can’t resist talking about their manhood, and decided to jump on Tinder to see what kind of golden nuggets she could entice men to say. After these responses, I’m proud to call myself a man.


Well played, fellas. Unfortunately, you were just an experiment and all your beautiful caucus jokes were used in a fruitless endeavor.

[h/t Elite Daily]

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