Chinese Restaurant Claims to Have Created the Spiciest Noodle Dish in the World


As a man who loves himself some spicy Chinese food, I am into this. There is literally nothing better to cure a hangover on the weekdays than a spicy Sichuan lunch. I swear it. Chinese food cannot be spicy enough for me.

A restaurant in Beijing has answered my prayers (that they didn’t know about) with what they are claiming is the spiciest noodle dish in the world.

Using the Sichuan seven-star chili, Fu Niu Tang (which is a Hunan, not Sichuan, restaurant) cooks a beef noodle bowl that is 125 times hotter than regular old Tabasco sauce. Three hundred people have attempted to eat it in under ten minutes without water, and only 15 have finished it.

That’s spicy.

You can watch here as a competitive spicy food eater, Zhao Lu, goes for it.

Yum. Stomach convulsions.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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