The Stalker Who Shot Dead ‘The Voice’ Singer Christina Grimmie Went To INSANE Lengths To Win Her Heart

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Last Friday, Former The Voice contestant and YouTube star Christina Grimmie was shot dead by a crazed stalker after her show in Orlando, Florida. The 22-year-old was signing autographs when a gunman, later identified as 27-year-old Best Buy worker Kevin Loibl, opened fire and killed the budding star as she held out her arms to hug him.

Christina’s brother immediately tackled the suspect, who was armed with handguns and a knife, stopping him from causing any more harm to Christina and her fans. During the struggle, the suspect shot and killed himself.

Orlando Police Department via Getty Images)

Orlando Police Department via Getty Images

Eery details have recently surfaced about Loibl’s unhealthy infatuation with the star, who reportedly attempted to change his look to make himself more appealing to her.

According to TMZ,

Various people who worked with Kevin Loibl tell TMZ his infatuation with Christina was boundless. He went on a mission to change his appearance for her and, toward the end, got hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery. He also went vegan to lose weight.

He would also listen to her music at work and vow she would someday be his wife.

Loibl’s Best Buy co-workers say he went to one of Christina’s shows in March and hinted that he actually met her. The co-workers also say the Geek Squad killer claimed to have played online games with the singer. A source close to the singer, however, tells us Christina never had contact with Loibl.

Loibl’s co-workers said they teased him about his infatuation, claiming that he would never wed her because she was in a relationship with her producer, a relationship that never went public but was evident on Grimmie’s social media accounts. This reportedly enraged Loibl.

What a fucking tragedy. RIP Christina. Go to hell Kevin.

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