Congrats Late Sleepers, You’re Not Lazy Losers After All And You Have Your Genes To Blame

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Finally! Night owls and late sleepers don’t have to feel ashamed about not being on the same schedule as everyone else. No longer should we stress about yawning in class or meetings. It’s science. We’re not lazy losers who should be trashed. We’re just stuck in a Lost-like time-shift because our DNA is cray. This video from Vox explains why a person’s genes determine their sleep schedule…

From the accompanying Vox article:

“[W]e all have an internal clock that keeps us on a consistent sleep and wake cycle. But the key finding is that everyone’s clock is not the same. Most people fall in the middle, preferring to sleep around 11 pm to 7 am. But many — perhaps 40 percent of the population — don’t naturally fit in this schedule.”

That’s why most people shouldn’t be expected to talk to anyone before 10am. Hit me up at high noon for some stimulating convo, bro.

But, then, the defense of late sleepers and night owls takes an interesting turn. Camilla Kring, the founder of B-Society, an international advocacy group, is calling for “increased acceptance of the evening-oriented”, adding:

“I actually think we have a lot of discrimination in our society against late chronotypes.”

The article’s author, Brian Resnick, adds:

“Meetings at the beginning of workdays favor early risers (whose mental sharpness peaks earlier as well).”

Yeah! It’s high time we leveled the playing field. For too long, early risers have been taking our jobs and our freedom and our rights to get ample rest!

Resnick continues:

“In a world where an internet connection makes working whenever, wherever possible, she argues, companies ought to allow workers to set more flexible schedules around their ideal sleep time.”

That’ll be the day… or night. Depends on my chronotype and circadian rhythms.

You can find out what your “chronotype” is with this quiz. All night owls, late night rager at my place ‘cuz we’ve got a doctor’s tardy note for LIFE!

Via Vox