College Girl Goes Zero-to-Crazy In 10 Text Messages with a Boy She Just Met

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Woah. Here’s a scary text thread from a college Bro who uploaded this exchange on Imgur, titled “Restoring my faith in True Love.” While texting with a random girl on campus (presumably on Tinder, but only “looking for friends,” he says), a girl is insistent on him coming over to watch Netflix and cuddle. Things go terribly, terribly awry when he tells her he has no interest in that since it’d be cheating on his long distance girlfriend. Obviously interested in him, she does not take this news very kindly…











For those counting, it  only took 10 messages before she went complete ape-shit on this poor guy.

Good on this Bro. Bottom line: This girl has problems and needs some professional help. Let’s hope she gets it before she hurts herself or someone else, especially since the stuff at the bottom of the thread is especially concerning. This guy was smart to stay far, far, far away…

The lesson: Tinder is a TERRIBLE place to look for friends, college kids. I can’t believe we live in a world where someone needs to spell this out for you, but the implications on Tinder are romance and/or sex and very little else. Go make friends by joining a club or playing ultimate frisbee or going to a party and hanging by the keg, putting off the vibe… You know, real life activities. Look up from your goddamn phones and live your fucking lives.

Also, not for nothing, this comment made me chuckle:

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