This Supercut From Every Major Party In Movie History Will Get You So Jacked Up You’ll Forget About Finals

Sometimes when life is closing in around you, and finals are tearing you apart, the only thing that can get your mind off your studies is an absolute rager. A once in a blue moon party that will wipe away all your worries in the world.

This supercut captures every single one of those parties in movie history. From the 80’s on up through now, this epic montage really had my mouth watering for some icy cold beer fresh from a keg. I actually found my stomach pining for that little extra bit of foam you get when first tapping a keg and you didn’t give it a long enough time to sit before tapping. Is that wrong? Does that make me some sort of alcoholic? Is it weird that I’m okay with it if it does?

Sit back, relax, and forget about finals:

via @RobbieJ617


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