20-Year-Old New York College Student Arrested For Plotting ISIS-Inspired Terror Attack In NYC

Oh look! Another assbag fuck boy exploiting America for the intrinsic freedoms it grants its citizens!

Munther Omar Saleh, 20, was a student at Queens College in New York who was arrested early Saturday morning for plotting to set off a pressure-cooker bomb in New York City in support of the Islamic State, according to the Daily Mail.

Documents filed in Brooklyn Federal court Tuesday indicate the arrest occurred when Saleh, who is an American citizen, and his accomplice got out of their car on the George Washington Bridge and ran toward a surveillance vehicle that had been tracking their whereabouts.

According to a federal agent, Saleh, who was studying electrical circuitry at Queens College, spent hours online researching how to make a pressure-cooker bomb and reading numerous online articles about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing prior to his arrest.

Saleh took to Twitter to express his support for ISIS and even posted ‘I fear AQ could be getting too moderate,’ in reference to terror group Al-Qaeda. He also voiced his support of the numerous militant attacks, namely the massacre at the headquarters of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in France back in January.

When a police officer spotted Saleh walking the George Washington Bridge just ‘looking around’ on back-to-back days, authorities made the move to interview him. Predictably, Saleh denied his support of the Islamic State and gave authorities permission to check his computer searches.

And will ya look at that! Officials found Islamic State propaganda on his computer. They also found that Saleh offered to translate the propaganda to English for widespread circulation.

Saleh’s father chimed in and told New York CBS Local News:

“They were setting him up with the informants, and they should know. I’m not going to say nothing else but that.”

Saleh has been locked up since Saturday and has had no communication with his family.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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