Colorado Bro Eats Chipotle For Lunch Over 100 Days In A Row And Everyone Is Acting Like This Is Something New

Chipotle is great and all, but would you crush it for lunch every day, 100 days in a row? I certainly couldn’t. I’m like a once-every-two-weeks Chipotle eater and it’s usually the same thing: Steak burritos bowl, brown rice, pico, corn, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Then doused in Cholula when I get back to the office. It’s a hearty, satisfying lunch, but I couldn’t do it every day.

However, Mark Rantal, a 30-year-old Colorado Springs-based graphic designer, can. He’s more addicted to Chipotle than Big Sean, claiming to eat Chipotle for over 100 days in a row for lunch. He hasn’t changed up his order the whole time, too, ordering a burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, fajitas, sofritas, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce, a bag of chips, and a cup of water. A few days ago he celebrated his 100th Chipotle lunch with a Facebook post:

Yesterday was my 100th day in a row eating Chipotle! I’m currently doing a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and am on the…

Posted by Mark Rantal on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rantal waxed about how great life is eating Chipotle every day to ABC News recently too:

“For me food is one of those things as fuel instead of celebration. I’ve just never really gotten so into it,” he said. “It became so convenient of you know where you’re going, you know the friendly faces of the staff, you know you enjoy the meal and you know you’re going to get the calories.”

Rantal has become quite close to the staff at his local Chipotle in Colorado Springs, who comps him a free meal one out of every ten times, he estimated.

“It’s fun. Right now it’s convenient and it’s a habit, so I don’t see a reason [to stop],” he said. “The [one-year] milestone isn’t appealing enough to have to put in the effort, but there is a tiny wistful part of me that just thinks, ‘Wouldn’t it be hilarious to be the guy who ate Chipotle for a year?’ But I don’t know if I want to be that guy.”

And hosted a Reddit AMA where he talked about how he felt after eating so much Chipotle:

But here’s my problem with this story. EVERY publisher is freaking out like Rantal’s “accomplishment” is something new. People Magazine, Time Magazine, Fox News, and Eater have gushed about Rantal hitting the centurion club for his lunch habits. Business Insider ran a story yesterday about a Bro who claims to have eaten Chipotle for 153 days in a row. He’s pretty shredded, too:

But it’s nothing new. Last summer a Bro named Joe Gallo ate Chipotle every day for 100 days to raise money for a great cause: Paying for his fraternity brother’s medical bills from fighting cancer. Joe’s story (and subsequent accomplishment of successfully eating Chipotle 100 days in a row) went viral last summer, but it seems like the Internet has forgot about it this go around. I wish the people eating Chipotle 100 days in a row would do it for something beyond just some free viral advertising for every Millennial’s favorite fast casual change. When you’re stock is trading $673 a share, you don’t exactly need fanboy marketing favors for free.

We didn’t forget you, Joe. You were the first to eat Chipotle 100 days in a row. And we think it was a very Bro thing for you to crush those Chipotle ‘ritos for a great cause, not just Internet blog attention. Bro move.

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