I Can’t Decide If I Want To Laugh Or Cry At This Coloring Book For Adults


Sometimes you just wanna sit down and color. Don’t lie, we all get a sort of satisfaction about picking up a crayon and scribbling all over a blank sheet of paper. If only there was a coloring book for adults…oh wait, there is.

And it’s depressing…and funny. And horrifying.

Basically there’s a lot of adjectives you could use to describe a coloring book where the pages consist of this:

color 6

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color 5 color 3 color 4 color 2 color1


I thought I was content with being an “adult” and having all the perks like independence and freedom that come with it. Now, after looking at these coloring pages, I want to curl up in a ball in the corner of the room and cry about how I miss the simple five-year-old life.


Having that sort of reaction to candy and no one blinking twice about the kid having a frickin’ seizure just goes to show that being a “mature adult” is overrated.

[H/T Bored Panda and Coloring for Grownups]
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