Comedian Dave Holmes Trolls The Hell Out Of Phone Scam Pretending To Be The IRS To Steal His Money

I’ve gotten into the habit of not answering my phone whenever it’s a random number I don’t have saved in my contacts. Sometimes this is a bad idea, like when the gynecologist calls to tell me my pap smear was “irregular” and that I shouldn’t be “concerned” but that I might “die in the next 24-48 hours” unless I come in for another “check-up,” and sometimes it’s brilliant because I get to miss out on all the random cold-calls trying to sell me real estate in Siberia.

Dave Holmes is a guy of conviction though; dude doesn’t take kindly to phone spammers calling him up and trying to scam him out of his hard-earned money. So what does he do? Why he scams them back of course, what else would he do? All he’s got to go off of is a phone number and an army of morons on the other line:

[H/T LadBible]