Please Explain To Me How This Comedian Thought His Tweet Joking About The Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash Would Go Over Well

So earlier today we were hit with the awful news of a plane carrying members of a Brazilian club soccer team crashing near Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Medellin, Colombia killing 76 passengers. Colombian authorities have confirmed that there are six survivors–three soccer players, two crew members, and one journalist.

The cause of the crash was due to an electrical failure in the cockpit as they were on their way back to Colombia to play against Medellin’s Atletico Nacional in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday.

Now I typically hate pulling out my PC Badge and waving it someone’s face, but there are certain occasions where levity has no place and internet justice must be delivered. Those occasions include–but are not limited to–making light of more than six dozen innocent people perishing in the most horrific way imaginable less than 12 hours after it happened.

See: Comedian Adam Rozenbachs, co-host of an Aussie Rules podcast, who tweeted (then deleted) the below totally chill tweet this morning.

Heeerrreeee comes the backpedal.

Oh so you saw the phrase “plane crash” and just hoped for the best, Adam.”Oh I hope everyone’s all right after hitting a mountain at the speed of sound.” Goddamn Adam.

I’m not as mad at the joke as much as I am mad at Adam for thinking it would go over well. Stupidity often trumps malice in my book and the thought of Adam refreshing his Twitter to track the retweets makes me want to shit in his shoe. But, in reality, Adam’s probably a nice guy who had a lapse in judgment so the PC Police willed him off with a warning.

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