Congresswoman Waters And Senator McCain Prank Called By Russian Comedians Pretending To Be Ukrainian Prime Minister

There’s no way these prank calls could be real right? Right? RIGHT!?!? I mean Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, and Sen. John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, two distinguished politicians who have 62 years of being federal statespersons between them. Plus McCain and Waters have been adamant about the allegations of Russians interfering with the election of President Donald J. Trump, so I’m sure that they would be super weary of being hacked by Russians themselves. However, if these videos are authentic then it appears that these two powerful politicians are the Americans who were hacked by the Russians.

Two Russian comedians, Vladimir Krasnov and Aleksey Stolyarov, somehow managed to infiltrate the camps of the U.S. politicians. The pranksters pretended to be Ukranian Prime Minster Volodymyr Groysman, successfully discussed Hillary Clinton’s health, Vladimir Putin, Russian sanctions, and a fictitious country.

The comedians have had success in prank calling luminaries in the past. In 2015, the duo prank called Elton John and pretended to be Vladimir Putin. The jokesters told Waters that there were Putin aides who were hackers only known on the internet as “Vovan” and “Lexus,” which is actually the online names of Krasnov and Aleksey Stolyarov. That moment when you’re so worried about Russian hacking that you, yourself, get hacked by Russians.

The pranksters asked Waters about the health of Hillary Clinton and she replied:

“She’s doing fine. She has started to come out a little. I think she’s had one or two speeches and she has been tweeting a bit on her telephone, so she’s coming back. … Of course, [she’ll be] worried about [election loss] for the rest of her life … it won’t be easy to forget. It’ll always be there as one of the most unusual occurrences of her lifetime.”

Waters believed the pranksters when he told her that the President of Limpopo is planning to move to Ukraine because he’s afraid Putin planning to assassinate him. For those not well-versed on Limpopo, it is not a country, but rather a province in South Africa.

Geography is not Congresswoman Waters strong suit, two weeks ago she said that Russia had invaded Korea. The correct answer was, of course, Crimea.

Waters asks, “He’s afraid they may kill him?”

“The United States is going to stand with you guys,” Waters said. Then attempted to meet up with the prank caller, “If I could get to London anytime soon, maybe you could meet me.”

The comedians sold Waters on the fake news that the television of the Ukraine’s President had been interfered with by RT as well.

“It happened to me too,” the Congresswoman replied. “I was on the floor talking and I got blacked out and Russia Today came on with an ad for ten minutes.”

In January, Waters was being broadcast on C-SPAN when the video feed suddenly went to RT (Formerly Russia Today), a Russian state-run television news network. C-SPAN said it was their error and not Russian hacking.

The Russian comedians were also able to hack into the offices of Senator McCain, but his call was not as entertaining since there was no mention of imaginary countries. The Republican politician did reveal to the fake prime minister that he had written a letter to President Trump urging him to send lethal weapons to Ukraine so that they could fight the Russians.

The faux Ukrainian Prime Minister warned McCain that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally preparing compromising materials on him that he is a Russian spy who was recruited when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

“I thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, I will look forward to them revealing how I was brainwashed by our North Vietnamese friends,” McCain said. “Maybe you could ask your ambassador to tell me more about that.”

The prank caller told McCain, who ran to be the President of the United States back in 2008, that Russian hackers are planning a series of cyber attacks on his personal server.

“Thank you very much for that information and I will certainly be aware as to the content of my conversations as far as any national, security issues are concerned. We’ll win this fight,” the Senator responded.

“I have to be very frank with my friend, the prime minister. I do not know what the President is going to do,” McCain said.

I hope this prank call is fake, I would like to think that high-ranking officials in our great nation aren’t as gullible as my 91-year-old grandma who falls for over-the-phone scams about Medicare.