Watch Out, Bros: Corona Is Issuing A Recall Because Their Beer Might Contain Glass Particles

Holy hell. For all my fellow Snappa (or Beer Die) bros out there that have ever die’d up on a sunny Sublime (the band of course) saturated afternoon, only to sink, then shatter glass; you’ll know the terror that ensues for whoever might consider drinking out that busted glass. More terrifying than the prospect of rolling a five and having to chug another brew. Like little glass splinters in the stomach regions is no shit to be trifled with.

Well, it turns out Constellation Brewing had to recall certain 12 and 18-packs of Corona Extra as result of reports that the bottles contained glass particles. The fuck? From LA Times:

“The recall affects about 1 in every 5,000 bottles of beer.
“This recall is very limited in scope, as potentially affected bottles represent less than one-tenth of 1% of Corona Extra 12-ounce clear bottles in the marketplace,” the statement says. “While the number of potentially impacted bottles is relatively small, we’re initiating this recall as a precaution to ensure the safety of consumers.”

And here I thought the greatest, albeit irrational concern for any bro trying to take a sip out his next bottle of the Spring Break Corona Staple was sippin down grains of sand. This is whack man. Fortunately, there’s a method to figure out if your next bottle of Corona Extra comes with an added measure of glass dust:

“To find out whether a bottle has been recalled, check the eight-digit alphanumeric code on the side panel of the cardboard carton that holds the 12-pack or 18-pack of beer. The code is also printed on the necks of the Corona Extra 12-ounce bottles. A full list of the recalled codes can be found on the Corona website. For a refund or questions, call the consumer call center at (866) 204-9407.”

Phew, ’cause nobody wants to deal with shitting out glass. Your anus is not coming back from that. I’m pretty sure that shit’s (literally) life threatening.

[H/T: LA Times]