MMMMMM: Cotton Candy And Pop Rocks French Fries And Chicken Fingers Exist

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.21.25 PM


Look, I’m all about risky flavor experimentations. Did someone say bacon cheeseburger between Rice-Krispy Treats? SIGN ME UP. Ghost-pepper wing challenges? I’M SO IN. But this is a cosmic, psychedelic mix of sweet and savory that I have to throw on the bucket list: French fries and chicken fingers garnished with cotton candy, strawberry Pop Rocks, and cotton candy carmel. It was a 4/20 special at Sticky Fingers, a super dope New York City chicken fingers joint that we munch on sometimes here at BroBible HQ.

Deep fried munchies combined with sweet and heavenly cotton candy. It sounds (and looks) like stoner food bliss:



Diabetes, take me when you’re ready.

[H/T: Food Beast]

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