Watch What Happens When A Craigslist Scammer Selling Stolen iPhones Gets Called Out By A Buyer In Real Life

According to the OP via the Live Link description:

Back story, I purchased an iPhone for my wife for $560 from a person
named “Zeke” on Craigslist. Upon activating on AT&T by inserting the
SIM, our entire account was suspended. Apparently the iPhone he sold me
was stolen and that’s all AT&T would tell us.

When buying
the phone, my assistant who picked it up told me he had several in his
vehicle, so I wrote him another email claiming I also wanted an iPhone
and he agreed to meet me back in the same parking lot the next day.

He ended up “refunding” me a total of $700 dollars (watch his counting). If he shows up to sell you a phone in Austin, beware!

Now if this were me, I would’ve taken the money and then called the cops on the guy anyway. Does anyone really believe he’s not gonna try to sell the remainder of the phones and just let him sit and rot in his car? Nah, he’ll just bide his time, then strike back WITH A VENGEANCE.

…and by “vengeance” I mean “he’ll calmly try to sell some more stolen phones.” There’s varying degrees of vengeance, for your information.