30 Things We Learned About Dan Bilzerian During His Intriguing Interview With Joe Rogan

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Dan Bilzerian appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience on Wednesday and the Instagram king let you inside the life that you can only dream of. Comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who also has one of the best podcasts out there, started the interview off brilliantly by saying, “I salute you sir, if I was a 16-year-old kid and I won the lottery, I’d be living exactly the way you live.”

Bilzerian commented on the Instagram models who regularly appear in his pics. Dan says he has helped built the career of the lovely Lindsey Pelas, “When I started dating her, she had 100,000 followers, she bumped up to 1.6 million followers in three weeks. Now this chick is making $400,000-$500,000 a year posting pictures on Instagram and Snapchat. Think about that for a second, she’s making four times as much as a doctor or a lawyer when they get out of college.”

“These rich guys have their pussy coordinators message all these girls. They’re getting paid $5,000, $10,000 to just go on vacation, some of them don’t even have to sleep with the guys,” Bilzerian said of Instagram models.

Dan told the story of his two heart attacks.

He was on a ski trip with his fraternity brothers at Park City, Utah when he was 25-years-old. He picked up a chick on the lift line, and went to the bar and he “got the whole bar shitfaced.” He was “banging until 6 a.m.,” and his friend called in the morning to make sure he was going skiing. He took a shot of tequila and coffee then went skiing all day long. That night he was puking and paid the hotel guy $100 to buy him Gatorade. He bought an IV bag from a medic before he went on his flight. Then he hooked an IV bag to himself in an airport bathroom for 20 minutes. Then when he landed in Vegas he went out and gambled because he was feeling a little better. He played poker all night, then did some ecstasy and went to the strip club. He offered a stripper $500 for a blow job, and she slapped him. He propositioned another stripper, and she said they could “hang out.” So he’s leaving the strip club and he asked his bro for Viagra, despite never taking boner pills in his entire life. A minute goes by, and Dan says, “the FUCKING thing isn’t working!” He takes another Viagra pill and then does some more blow.

He goes back to his hotel and he’s “banging the shit out of this girl, veins coming out of my head, sweating profusely.” He had sex for 45 minutes and he quit because the sex was not pleasurable and more like “work.”

“My dick wouldn’t go down,” Dan says.

He took a valium, went to sleep, woke up, had sex again and then had Mexican food and started betting on sports. He started getting pain in his shoulder.

He calls his mom and asks to get the family doctor.

He got a cab and went to the local hospital and was in the waiting room. He allegedly offered a hospital worker $10,000 if she got him a doctor right away, but she declined his offer.

After 40 minutes, the doctor told him that he was having a full-blown heart attack and they give him the nitroglycerine.

His doctor just so happens to be Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor who was the pop star’s physician when he died in his sleep from acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication.

The next day, Dan has another heart attack. They conducted several tests and then ask him to give them a list of drugs he may have taken to cause his heart attack.

In front of his mom and dad he says, he did some weed, cocaine, ecstasy. With his girlfriend standing right there, he said he took 200 milligrams of Viagra and she was none too pleased.

She got over his infidelities because he ended up fucking his girlfriend in the hospital. He smoked weed and drank wine coolers in the hospital.

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