Dan Bilzerian’s First-Person Shooter Game With Big-Breasted Zombies Is Finally Here!

Dan Bilzerian notoriously loves first-person shooter video games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, so it was only a matter of time before Instagram’s favorite playboy poker player/endurance athlete got his own video game. A few weeks ago we told you about Save Dan, a mobile first-person shooter game where you save Bilzerian from hordes of big-breasted zombie ladies. The collaboration comes from the development minds at Las Vegas-based mobile gaming company Novasoft.

Today Save Dan is officially live on iOS and Android. Download it for iPhone here and for Android here.

Here’s the gist according to the press release:

The game has a twisted plot! You and Dan have to team up to take out the members of Dan’s entourage that turned into zombies after a radiation burst in Area 51, Nevada. And when we say take them out, we don’t mean take them out to dinner.

Your mission is to gun down these zombies before they get Dan, who has to activate signal beacons so you both get a chance to carry out the objective, which is to escape the zombie madness and survive. Time is of the essence, so you better watch out! If you fail to save him, the undead will throw themselves at him and tear him to pieces! Helping you out are Dan’s trusted friends, his pet goat Zeus and adorable Smushball the cat.

And here’s how Dan describes the app in his own words:

Originally the concept started out as a shooting app with a nice variety of weapons shooting inanimate targets in a variety of environments. I suggested making it more interesting by having a variety of zombie chicks chasing me to rip my clothes off and “abuse” me. The player’s objective is simply to save my ass! It kinda took off from there with some cool additional features.

We obtained a first look at a few of the features of the game, including some of the badass weaponry you can use to blast the zombies.

Here’s the arsenal, including the incredibly badass American flag assault rifle: 


Here’s what Dan looks like getting chased by hordes of zombie girls that want his d:


Here’s another interesting weapon in the arsenal:


A little gameplay action:


Hey look, it’s Dan’s goat and cat, Zeus & Smushball:


Download Save Dan for iPhone here and for Android here.

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