The DeepFlight Dragon Submarine Is $1.5 Million And Is At The Top Of My X-Mas List

by 3 years ago


With the holidays fast approaching, I REALLY want to add this DeepFlight Dragon submarine to my list—because it is fucking sick!

Sure, it has a $1.5 million price tag and I’m sure I haven’t been good enough this year for Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick to squeeze it down a chimney for me, but if there’s something that I want to do, it’s navigate the deep seas in a personalized sub like this.

As sick as this submarine is, the best thing about it might be the fact that it’s operated by a simple joystick, which, in other words, means that if you can play a fucking video game, you can probably maneuver this baby around the water.

Capable of fitting two people, diving to a depth of about 400 feet and being submerged for about six hours in total, the DeepFlight Dragon should absolutely become the new sports car for those who can afford it.

Maybe one day, bros. Maybe one day.

[H/T Worthly]


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