Fearless Divers Capture Terrifying Video Of Sharks Feasting On Massive Dead Whale

We last had a shark feeding frenzy in June, when a group of hungry great white sharks feasted upon a massive whale carcass off the coast of Long Island, New York. Now we take you to South Africa where the latest whale buffet opened up for some ravenous sharks.

There was a giant whale carcass nearly 2 miles off the coast of Scottsburgh, South Africa. The sumptuous spread was too enticing for the sharks and they gladly chowed down on the deceased whale.

While the deadly predators gorged on the carcass, brave divers ventured into the shark-filled waters to get a up-close and personal view of the smorgasbord. Diver Emil Pirzenthal, and his photographer friends Allen Walker, Rob Shepard and Anthony Grote witnessed the crazy feeding frenzy. Grote shared some amazing photos from the unbelievable experience to his Facebook.

Grote explained how this extraordinary photoshoot happened:

So yesterday one just one of those days!!!! I got a call on Saturday from @allenwalkerphotography that there was a dead whale and they were going out! Well it was a tough decision but I could not go. So when he called Saturday night to say it was still there and Sunday was the day, I could not say no! Off we went and the sea was calmer and visibility better. Nerves were a bit frayed on first getting in but what the hell, the event of the year! We bailed in and my damn strobes started playing up……oh well, so not strobes for the day so natural light it was. I decided to shoot video, but after a while when I saw the sharks were moving to the surface quite a lot, decided on some stills. So here are some shots to wet the appetite, video coming soon …. thanks to @AllenWalkerPhotography and @emilPirzenthal of Aliwal Shoal Adventures for a great day. Join @Bluepixelphotography to enjoy days like these, and learn about underwater photography.

They fearless divers said there were great white sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, dusky sharks and blacktip sharks. How about I stay on the boat and look at your photos when and if you return.