Huge Great White Sharks Circle Boat And Feast On 40-Foot Long Whale Off The Coast Of New York (VIDEO)

Just 30 miles offshore in New York, a mammoth dead whale provided a scrumptious buffet for a group of hungry Great White Sharks. Fisherman Johnny Beau shot the video with a GoPro and got some truly amazing underwater footage of the magnificent beasts chowing down on the deceased cetacean.

The fisherman, who departed from Jones Inlet in Long Island, estimate that the whale was over 40-feet long and the sharks were quite tremendous in their own right at 12-feet long. You can see the devastation from the ravenous predators in the colossal bite marks on the side of the whale carcass (2:18 mark). When the sharks weren’t chowing down they were fulfilling their curiosity by circling the boat and investigating the underwater camera.

The sharks are migrating north in the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Cod where they will look to feed on the vibrant seal population there.

I think I’m going to have sushi for lunch now.

Pretty incredible video some viewers shot today while fishing. A Great White Shark eating a dead 35 foot whale floating in the water about 30 miles off of Jones Inlet, Freeport. Courtesy Johnny Beau.

Posted by Erin Colton on Thursday, June 18, 2015