Watch The Exact Moment This Adorable Dog Is Brought Back To Life After Drowning When Someone Delivers CPR

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Last week an adorable Labrador Retriever was sucked under the water at a dog beach in the greater Tampa Bay area in Florida. This is a pretty heavily populated dog beach in Davis Island Tampa, so there are dogs and dog owners everywhere, therefore people realized pretty quickly that this dog had drowned and was (for the moment) deceased. That’s when a good samaritan, a Davis Island resident and dog owner, jumped into action administering dog CPR (pretty much the same as regular CPR) on the temporarily deceased pup. By some miracle of chance there’s another person filming the entire ordeal, and they managed to capture the exact moment that this dead dog is brought back to life by the swift action and dog CPR of some miracle workers. Seriously bros, this videos is ALL THE FEELS.

As a dog owner whose life pretty much revolves around my dog, this video just completely shattered all the feels welled up inside my body. My pup’s been having a rough time the past few weeks, she’s had to go on antibiotics a few times due to UTI’s (peeing blood, very sad stuff), and she’s been keeping me up all night because the lightning’s shaken her to her core. I’ve been losing sleep and experiencing a truly exasperating amount of stress over the past few weeks due to this, and then I see a video like this. Where for a brief moment that person thought they’d lost a member of their family to drowning, that they were there to witness the exact moment their dog died and they were helpless to do anything about it. But then the dog’s saved by a few miracle workers on the beach. This makes me want to go out and get CPR (and dog CPR) certified today. This makes me want to go home and hug my dog. This makes me want to go to your home and hug your dog. This video is just amazing.

Here’s that fateful moment once more when the dog is revived and comes back to life, walking it off blissfully unaware that it just died, and as happy as only a dog can be in that situation:

Simply stated: Dogs are the best. Everyone should have a dog in their family, everyone.

[via Ignacio Torano’s YouTube Channel]

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