You Need To Read This Former Soldier’s Livid Response To Donald Trump Accusing His Unit Of Embezzling Funds In Iraq

In a speech yesterday, Donald Trump said that he was upset (or something, it isn’t clear) about American soldiers embezzling funds during the conflict in Iraq (his spokesman later said he was referring to Iraqi troops, but it was very apparent he wasn’t).

Journalist and former soldier Corbin Reiff served in Iraq and had the emotionally taxing job of doling out funds to Iraqi victims of the U.S. invasion. After hearing Trump’s speech, he laced into him.

Here are his tweets presented in full.

Couldn’t agree more. I think it’s dope as hell that someone as upstanding as Corbin sounds was doing a miserable job with integrity, and I also think Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be our commander-in-chief or that he actually doesn’t give two shits about veterans.

That said, U.S. troops did commit fraud in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the amount of money lifted is estimated at over $50 million.

That he got right.

They, however, are not living well right now. Most of them are in prison, having been convicted of their crimes.

[Via @CorbinReiff]

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