Authorities In North Carolina Are Contemplating Bringing Charges Against Donald Trump For ‘Inciting A Riot’

What’s already been the craziest, wildest, most improbable election of most Americans’ lives could get even more insane.

Last week, we posted video of a Donald Trump supporter clearly cold cocking a protestor as the protestor was being escorted out.

That was followed by a wild scene out of Chicago, where protestors and supporters had it out before a rally that was eventually cancelled.

Now, authorities where the rally was held in North Carolina are contemplating bringing charges against Trump. They already charged the man who threw the punch, John Franklin McGraw, with assault, but they are looking into whether Trump’s words are responsible. From the Washington Post:

We are continuing to look at the totality of these circumstances . . . including the potential of whether there was conduct on the part of Mr. Trump or the Trump campaign which rose to the level of inciting a riot,” said the statement from Cumberland Sheriff’s Office attorney Ronnie Mitchell. An associate in Mitchell’s office read the statement aloud to a Washington Post reporter.

Whether this has any likelihood of happening is dubious, but think about this. Now both the top Republican and Democratic candidates for president are campaigning while facing possible indictments (Hilary for her emails, Trump for this).

I personally don’t know if it should happen (I want it to, just for spectacle’s sake), but I did want to post this news to bring attention to a segment Rachel Maddow did. I think a lot of people only see headlines, and not the actual words Trump says at his rallies.

Watch this whole video with as unbiased an eye you can, and then answer whether you think Trump is responsible for a dude throwing a punch at a protestor.

It’s long, but do it.

It’s pretty fucking damning.

[Via The Washington Post]