Former Nickelodeon Star Drake Bell Is Headed To Jail For A Pathetic Amount Of Time After Being Arrested For A Second DUI

You could not pay me to be Drake Bell. Sure the guy had a hit show on Nickelodeon with Drake & Josh, but he didn’t manage the money he earned very well – he had to declare bankruptcy back in 2014 after blowing through all his money. You’d think that life would be looking up considering all the projects he has listed on his IMDB page (mostly voice acting parts, but at least it pays the bills), but it appears his DUI arrest from back in December has finally caught up with him.

According to In Touch, a judge has sentenced Bell to 96 hours in a Los Angeles County jail in addition to four years’ probation and a mandatory alcohol education program. Granted, Bell managed to refrain from mowing anyone down with his car before he was arrested, but still – 96 hours? What’s the point? That’s four days of sitting in a cell doing nothing. You know what would’ve been better? 250 hours of community service or something that at least benefits others.

But nah, instead we’re going to have Drake Bell jerking off out of boredom for four days straight rather than feeding the hungry and clothing the homeless.

What a waste.

[H/T In Touch]