Drinkable Peanut Butter Is Perfect For People Who Give Zero Thought To Their Health And Well Being

by 6 years ago
Peanut Hottie

Peanut Hottie

Tired of being in shape, vital and able to make it up a flight of steps without wanting to die? Well, you’re in luck, because peanut butter is now drinkable. You’ll be falling down flights of steps in cardiac arrest in no time!

Peanut Hottie is actually a drink mix that’s perfect for adding to already sugary and awful beverages to MAKES THEM WORSE. If you’re not in the mood to overload your coffee with even more sugar, you can add it to a perfectly healthy glass of milk.

Oh, god, did you just die? I saw you take one step and die. Was it because you added peanut butter to chocolate milk or because you’ve just been chugging it for the past ten minutes?

Not convinced Peanut Hottie is a bad idea? Take it from this consumer.

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