Surprise! People Who Smoke Pot And Drink At The Same Time Are More Likely To Do Dumb Shit

Look at that teen up there. Drinking some beer, smoking some pot. Probably about to make some bad decisions. Like maybe have some unprotected sex with those girls over there. And then drive home drunk.

Because that’s what people who drink the beers and smoke the pot do. They make bad decisions in their life. Like they are more likely to drive drunk than people who just drink.

From The Science of Us:

Researchers Meenakshi Subbaraman and William Kerr… decided to take a bunch of data from the self-reported 2005 and 2010 National Alcohol Surveys and see which behaviors led to which outcomes.

Overall, the researchers found that simultaneous use of pot and alcohol was twice as prevalent as “concurrent” use, lending weight to the common-sense belief that many people enjoy combining the substances. Those who smoked and drank at the same time were 2.3 times more likely to have driven drunk, 3 times more likely to have dealt with social consequences as a result of their drinking, and more than twice as likely to have experienced the aforementioned “harms” as compared to those who only drank.

Harms are defined as shit like fighting with your wife, struggling with your job. You know, basically the shit sober people don’t do.

So… yea. I mean, people who do lots of things to get themselves fucked up are fucked up people who fuck up their life and do fucked up things (NOT speaking from experience) (Yes I am).

Anyways, do what you like. You’ve only got one life, and who cares about work and love. Just don’t drink and drive.

Plus, drinking and smoking together are fun. You get drunk high. That’s more fun than any relationship you could ever have.