Watch A Drunk Canadian Bro Ride A Moose While It’s Galloping In The Water

This video is so Canadian that it hurts. A bunch of idiots on a boat allegedly near Fort St. John, British Columbia thought it’d be fun to approach a moose while it was galloping through the water. The one Bro seized the opportunity to try to ride it, which he was rather successful in accomplishing. Crossing “riding a moose” is off the bucket list for this dude.

But did you hear that Chewbacca-esque howl when he jumps on the damn thing? You gotta feel for the moose in that second. The moose doesn’t want this shirtless moron on his back. Now that the video has gone viral, there’s no doubt a Fish and Game Commission will see it and charge the guy for harassing a wild animal.

A great American Bro King — Teddy Roosevelt — allegedly did it first. Too bad that pic is a big, fat fake.



It’s a YOLO move that is probably going to result in some heavy fines and/or some time in the clink. Then again… this guy is like the first person to ride a moose through the water in like… dozens and dozens of years. Worth it?

[H/T: Reddit]

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