Drunk Dude Gets BRUTALLY Knocked Out In The Bathroom By Himself

This is painful to watch, not only because this poor, poor intoxicated chap gets knocked unconscious from a ferocious blow to his head, but because I’ve been this guy. I’ve been in the men’s room at a bar and have had trouble keeping my balance after a few adult beverages. Thankfully, I was able to sustain my equilibrium and not suffer blunt force trauma to my noggin. This fellow was not so lucky.

This is a fucking case of drunk-on-drunk crime right here. I don’t even know if this gentleman had a chance to go wee-wee because he’s too busy not trying to fall and suffer a concussion, which he eventually does.

Now I don’t usually encourage anyone to watch a video that’s longer than 30 seconds, but I must implore you to watch the entire 1:07 minute video without fast forwarding. Just when you think this sot is going to tumble like a teeter totter, he regains his balance. The ebb and flow of this man’s equilibrium really makes for a cliffhanger, up until the second that he bashes his head on a radiator and then the hard tile floor. Boy does skull colliding with solid metal really make a horrible sound, especially with the echo and acoustics of a bathroom.