Drunk Dude Sets Up DUI Checkpoint To Catch Drunk Drivers, Which Is Good, We Guess


The problem with drunk people is that, too often, they are enablers of drinking and driving. A person, clearly intoxicated and leaving a party to drive home, is much more able to convince his drunk friends that he is okay to drive than he is his sober friends.

But that’s not 19-year-old Logan Shaulis’ style. No, when he got drunk, he took the law into his own hands and set up a DUI checkpoint of his own. From The Huffington Post:

Troopers say 19-year-old Logan Shaulis, of Somerset, [Pennsylvania] parked his vehicle diagonally across state Route 601 and set up road flares at about 4 a.m. Saturday.

A motorist who stopped says Shaulis claimed he was a trooper and demanded to see a driver’s license, registration and insurance papers.

Part of the problem with that, aside from it being illegal to impersonate a cop, is that he drunkenly drove to the point where he set up the DUI stop.

Soooo… Yea.

Shaulis was arrested and charged with drunken driving and impersonating a public servant, among others.

Still, minus the part where he drank and drove, you gotta admire his desire to keeping drunks off the road.