Drunk Girl Gets Harry Potter Bolt Tattooed To Forehead And It’s Going To Take More Than Magic To Remove It

Harry Potter fans are understandably excited about the recent release of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. They’re so excited that tattoos dedicated to the boy magician are becoming commonplace once again.

But these aren’t tats of Potter or his friends. These tattoos are of Harry’s infamous lightening bolt scar — right on the forehead.

While Potter fans go to extreme lengths to embrace the boy wizard, they seldom go as far as having the lightning bolt tattoo which JK Rowling followers know all too well as a reminder of their holiday.

Well, maybe after a butter beers they do.

Now the bizarre permanent skin marking has been reported on Facebook by Magaluf Box Office , who note that after the young woman, who is reportedly British, got her tatt, another holidaymaker followed suit.

The next day, in a show of either support or unified stupidity, another man entered the shop and requested the same tattoo.

This trend is sure to be followed by a trend of people getting Harry Potter tattoos removed.

[via Mirror]