Drunk Idiot With Samurai Sword Attempts To Slice The Beer Can His Friend Is Holding…What Could Go Wrong?

I’m pretty sure they always say, “boozing in a garage and samurai swords don’t mix well.”

Exhibit A:

HOLY SHIT, that’s just about all the compelling evidence I needed to see. That guy just lost his fucking thumb!

Sometimes, I just can’t imagine what’s going on in the brains of guys like this. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a great time when I get all tuned-up. But I don’t care how drunk I am, an idea like the one we saw horrifically play out above would never even begin to manifest itself in my mind!

Here hold this beer can I just chugged, and let me cut it in half.

Ummmmmm, no thanks, bro.

Like, who thought this was a good idea!? And what was the end result even supposed to be here? You know if he would’ve just successfully cut that can in half, without taking his buddy’s thumb with it, this video would have like 97 views on YouTube right now.

But tragically, he instead will forever be known as the idiot who cut his friend’s thumb off while getting drunk in his parents garage.

The jury’s out: Two One thumb down.

[via LiveLeak]

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