Drunk Octopus Passes Out In A Shell, Gets Rudely Woken Up, Wants To Throw Down

If you’ve been on the Internet for longer than 24-hours then you almost certainly know the ‘Drunk Octopus Wants To Fight’ meme, a picture taken of a coat hanger in a bathroom that looked like a half-cocked octopus read to throw down. That picture’s in the Internet Hall of Fame, but until now I never thought I’d actually see a real-life octopus that wanted to fight. This lil bro presumably got drunk on some sea kelp, or high on some sea lettuce, and crawled his way into that tiny cockle shell to pass out. Then he gets woken up by some loud, obnoxious, and feisty beach goers who rip open his shell and even go so far as to smack him around a little. Couldn’t you imagine any worse way to start a day when you have a hangover?!?

To be truly appreciated I think it’s necessary that we break this entire ordeal went down, but in GIF:

Dude, there’s an octopus in there, be gentle dammit!

Just ripping open that shell like a beast, and suddenly drunk octopus wants to fight!

Who slaps an octopus?!?! Get out of here with that behavior, you neanderthal!

Is it not hilarious that these dudes run away like pansies, afraid of a tiny octopus?

Listen up bros, if you come across an octopus in the wild it’s not cool to mess with them. Look all you want, get close, just don’t harass them. They’re freakishly smart and will probably relay to their octopus friends the psychological damage that you’ve inflicted, and before you know it we humans will be facing an army of octopus taking over our beaches, and that’s just not something I want to see happen. So for the sake of humanity, don’t mess with a drunk octopus.