The Dude On The Loose Who Cut A Dude’s Dick Off Wooed A Lady While In Jail To Help Him Break Out


Orange County Sheriff's Department

Your boy over here can’t get laid to save his life. Seriously, it’s been over a month.

So forgive me if I’m a little upset to find out that a dude who cut another dude’s dick off had a lady so enthralled with him that she helped him break out of jail.

He cut another dude’s dick off! I would never do that, and women don’t want anything to do with me. Maybe I should get slicing.

Police arrested Nooshafarin Ravaghi yesterday, after it was determined she was involved in helping three violent criminals escape the Orange County Men’s Central Jail, which hadn’t seen a prison break in two decades.

They’re all awful people, wanted on murder and attempted murder charges. The worst, though, is Hossein Nayeri, who cut another dude’s dick off while torturing him for money. He met Ravaghi in jail, where she tutored him, according to The Washington Post.

The two spent hours together every week inside Orange County’s jail. They found that they shared similar backgrounds, as both had been born in Iran before immigrating to the United States.

But they also shared more than mere memories and lessons, authorities say.

The three men are still on the loose, and police believe they couldn’t have committed the brazen escape without the help of Ravaghi.

Ravaghi “directly contributed to the escape and provided credible planning tools,” Lt. Jeffrey Hallock, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

The two shared more than a teacher-student relationship, and Ravaghi provided the inmates with maps and aerial photos enabling their escape, according to Hallock. He said authorities “absolutely could not rule out” the possibility that the teacher also provided physical tools to enable the trio to cut their way out of the jail — a charge Ravaghi has reportedly denied.

This is, of course, the second time a lady with the hots for a prisoner helped him escape jail. That, too, involved some dick stuff.

Meanwhile, more details about Nayeri’s brutal crime have come to light.

On Oct. 12, 2012, [Nayeri and his accomplices] broke into the dispensary owner’s house, tied him up along with his female roommate, and stole a large amount of cash, according to prosecutors. Not satisfied, the intruders then drove their two prisoners to the Mojave Desert, where the robbers believed the man had hidden money, according to prosecutors.

To extract information from the man, they beat him with a rubber hose and burned him with a blow torch. Then they cut off his penis with a knife.


Finally, the men allegedly poured bleach over the tortured man to remove any DNA evidence of their involvement.

Before driving off with the man’s member, police said one of the torturers tossed a dull knife to the woman.

“I’m gonna throw it and you’re gonna roll and if you find it you can set yourself free and you’re gonna live,” he said, according to an interview the woman gave to the Orange County Register. “Today is your lucky day.”

The woman was able to cut her bonds and walk barefoot for more than half a mile before flagging down a state trooper. The tortured man also survived.

Somehow, this dude managed to find a lady friend while on the inside.

Here I am stuck with my hand.

Life ain’t fair.

[Via The Washington Post]