One Of The Escaped New York State Prisoners Apparently Has A Big Johnson

A manhunt in upstate New York continues after two convicted murders escaped from the Clinton County Correctional Facility in Dannemora. Richard Matthew and David Sweat are considered extremely dangerous, according to a law enforcement, and were most recently spotted in Willsboro, on the western shore of Lake Champlain. New York State is offering $100,000 for info leading to the capture of the inmates.

Meanwhile, new details have emerged about how Richard Matthew and David Sweat escaped the penitentiary. A female prison worker was interrogated for possibly helping with the escape. Meanwhile, the New York Post interviewed someone who really knows a few things about one of the fugitives:

Sources said the worker may have been wooed by one of the escaped cons, Reichard Matt, 48, an infamous lady killer.

“He has a way with the ladies,” the source said.

Another source, retired Detective David Bentley, who helped put away Matt for the 1997 murder of a North Tonawanda businessman, added, “When [Matt’s] cleaned up, he’s very handsome and, in all frankness, very well endowed. He gets girlfriends any place he goes.”

That seems like useful information for a manhunt. Normally having a big dick and “getting girlfriends any place he goes” is the type of thing we’d celebrate here at BroBible, but — uh — we’re talking about a cold-blooded convicted murderer.

Fuck him.

Hope they catch him soon. Look out, Upstate New York, for the dude running with a massive schlong. You don’t forget a thing like that.

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